Alice Collection
Sleepy Card
The bed offers three levels of regulation. The lowest level from the floor to the mattress top is circa 22cm/9in, and the highest one is circa 60cm/23in. In addition, you can set a mattress on the lowest level and remove several bars to allow your child get in and out of bed independently.
This bed, made of eco materials, is totally safe as a place for play and rest. As an entire collection, this piece gets a WOW effect. It’s comfortable and funny! You will love it so much!
The bed comes with an excellent foam, double-sided HILDING mattress and a natural count fibre mat. Specially designed for developing babies and children, it allows air to circulate and doesn’t accumulate humidity or heat from the body, thus remaining cool and dry. This mattress easily adapts to the shape of the body providing a consistent stable support. The firmness of the mattress is ideal for supporting babies backs and spines. In addition, it contains a removable, washable cover.
This bed can be decorated with any cards’ suit and color. Let us know your favorite!
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