Our greatest challenge is to design furniture, which stimulates the imagination. If a table doesn't tell a story, where's the fun of having it?
Welcome to the BARSTE DESIGN world! We are a group of young and passionate people. We collaborate with carpenters and sculptors who create beautiful stories within wood. Our furniture is created in the tradition of handmade, unique pieces. Some of it is simply chiseled out of solid wood. But the Alice Collection is mainly the result of cooperation between Joanna Barska, the creative director of our brand, and Dagmara Iwanska, our main architect and designer. Dagmara, who has started her career as an intern at Zaha Hadid Architects, helped us to change the vision of magical furniture into the precise, modern designs.
Thus, our customers can ask for almost any size, color and/or design. We are aware that every client has a unique taste and needs. We've already created a natural, non-lacquered adult version of Let's Play Chess Bed with bigger sculptures or Bunny Chairs in a tiny size for a puppy. We keep an open mind and we love to cooperate with inspiring people and ideas.
As much as we love nature, we are aware as human beings what we owe to the planet. Together as a team, we decided to support one of the foundations which help to prevent the climate crisis. Each tree that is planted offsets 10,000 kg CO2 emissions through the reforestation program. From now on for each Bunny Chair, 10 trees are planted and our customer will receive a tree certificate. Let's think about our environment together!
During our first design expo we heard “oh, wow, that’s amazing!” over and over again. Adults were taking selfies sitting on Bunny Chair, kids touched its ears and looked at a tea-time shaped coffee table with fascination. Thanks to our amazing customers we now know the Alice Collection doesn't leave anybody excluded and makes every space a magical spot.
286 days
the amount of time to create the whole Alice Collection in prototypes
23 hours
the amount of time a sculptor needs to create a horse figure from our Let's Play Chess Bed
4 items
the number of prototypes of Big Bubble we've made before getting a perfect size and shape
1,000 hours
the number of hours our team was convincing each other that impossible and completely crazy design is possible in a ready-to-use item
4 countries
where our happy clients are from :)
If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them all! Click the Contact Page and write or just call us!
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