BARSTE DESIGN is fairy-tale collections that you will find nowhere else. Your satisfaction is very important for us. We believe that our furniture will help you create a fairy tale in your home and bring you joy.

We treat our furniture as a piece of art. We use top quality materials, such as solid wood, white glass, children-safe lacquer etc., to prepare you your own set of unique, hand-made crafted pieces. We offer a 12-month guarantee for every piece when treated appropriately.

This furniture doesn't like low temperature and rain, so you should treat them appropriately. Do not keep them outside. We also advise you against throwing or hitting our pieces. It's a solid wood and it's natural that, for example, chess figures can crack after throwing and smashing it into the wall.

We always pay a great attention to secure our furniture before transporting. If you choose our delivery option of a door-to-door system, we are 100% responsible for a delivery. If you see any damage, we promise to solve the problem immediately by repairing or replacing the item. If you choose your own delivery company, we strongly advise you to buy extra insurance. In case of damages caused in transport, please keep a container and all documents in order to check them out by a deliverer. Also you can contact us and we will be happy to help you during the whole process.

We strongly believe that our furniture will bring a smile to your and your child faces and make your friends and family loose their heads over!
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